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Raihan JIbon
Aug 03, 2022
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Quickly Obtain the Results After Changes. Aston Martin, Who Pursues Excellence, Shares the Same Beliefs as Lenovo, the Leader in Computer Solutions. Founded in 1984, Lenovo's Business Spans Across Computers, Servers, Tablet Computers, and Mobile Phones. the Workstation Computers It Creates Not Only Have Extraordinary Computing Performance, but Also Have Excellent Stability for Long-Term Operation, Making Every Sports Car Built by Aston Martin , from the Beginning of Design to Release the Bold Imagination of Engineers, to Ensure the Perfect Quality of Each Part in the Manufacturing Stage, and Deliver a Boutique-Like Sports Car to the Hands of Customers. 001 Photo Credit: Lenovo Nowadays, the Design and Simulation of Many Sports Cars Can Be Done executive list by Computer. in Addition, the Changing Times Require Intelligent Driving and Internet of Vehicles, So the Classic Aston Martin and the Modern Lenovo Have Joined Forces. Thinkpad P1 Gen 3 - Mobile Workstation on the Track Through Cad and Cam, Engineers Can Give Full Play to Their Imaginations in the Office, and Leave It to Lenovo Workstations for Calculation; Lenovo Workstations Have High Performance and Stability, Saving Engineers Time to Wait for Project Changes or Testing and Verification, So That the Aston Martin Team Was Able to Try More Possibilities and Save Hours of Work Before the Actual Track Field Validation. 002 Photo Credit: Lenovo the Thinkpad P1 Gen 3 Provides the Performance and Reliability Required by the Aston Martin Team in the Wild, Even on the Track or on the Road. Although the Performance of Desktop-Type Workstations or Rack-Type Workstations Is Good, They Need a Stable Working Environment. Frontline Personnel Need More Lightweight Solutions When Verifying Designs and Collecting Data on Actual Tracks or Wild Roads. Lenovo Combines the Power of Aston Martin with the Sturdiness of a Business Environment, Combined with a Thin and Easy-To-Carry Carbon Fiber Body, and the Thinkpad P1 Mobile Workstation Is the Perfect Choice. 003 Photo Credit: Lenovo with Powerful Computing
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Raihan JIbon

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